PRP LIFE SCIENCE was founded by professional dermatologists who have great scope of knowledge in dermatology with belief that having access to the latest anti-aging product.


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- Items of personal information to collect

The company collects personal information such as the following for membership registration, consultation, service application and so on.

· Collection item : Name, Email Address, Phone number, Company, City, Contry, Message,
· How to collect personal information : Contact Us

- Purpose of collection and use of personal information

The Company uses the collected personal information for the following purposes

Fulfillment of contracts related to the provision of services and settlement of fees by providing services
Purchasing and payment , Shipment or shipment of goods
Membership Management
Confirm your identity as you use membership services , person identification , Prevent fraudulent use and prevent unauthorized use , Confirm your sign-up , Age verification

- Retention and use of personal information

After the purpose of collection and use of personal information has been achieved, the Company will immediately terminate the information without exception.